By Evans Clinchy
March 09, 2012

Cole Hamels is working on a contract extension with the Philadelphia Phillies, but it's far from a done deal. Agent John Boggs spent the week in Florida and had several conversations with the Phils' front office, but neither side has been able to make much progress, according to Jayson Stark of ESPN.

"At this point, we're not going to discuss the negotiations," Boggs said. "But I'm trying to remain positive. And that's all I'd like to say."

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. also declined to give any details, citing club policy.

Hamels reached the end of his three-year, $20.5 million contract in 2011. The two sides met this offseason to hammer out a new deal, but they were only able to agree on one more season, at $15 million. The two sides are still working to find an agreement on something longer.

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