Report: Carmelo Anthony Did Not Want Knicks To Sign J.R. Smith

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A source has told the New York Post that Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony was not for the signing of free-agent J.R. Smith after his return from China.

The Post reports that Anthony “gave a thumbs down to upper management” when asked if the team should bring his former Denver Nuggets teammate to Madison Square Garden. According to all other reports however, Anthony has publically supported the decision, both before and after the signing.

The once red-hot Knicks have lost seven out of ten games since signing Smith, including their last five contests in a row. Smith has averaged 9.2 points and 2.6 rebounds per game in that span.

The Knicks downward spiral has also coincided with the return of Anthony from injury. The club is 2-7 since the perennial All-Star’s return to the lineup. In the seven games he missed due to injury, the team went 6-1.