By Evans Clinchy
March 13, 2012

It's been six years since Dusty Baker parted ways with the Chicago Cubs, the team he managed for four seasons between 2003 and '06, but it still sounds like the skipper has a little ill will for his former team.

"I don't like losing to them," Baker told before his Cincinnati Reds took on the Cubs in spring training today. "I don't like to lose to anybody, but especially to the clubs I've [managed] before."

Before Chicago, Baker managed the San Francisco Giants for a full decade, from 1993 to 2002. He doesn't reserve the same level of vitriol for his "other" former team as he does for the North Siders.

"Not the Giants as much, but more the Cubs," Baker said. "I was treated better in San Francisco. I got treated pretty good by some people in Chicago. I was treated pretty poorly by a lot of people there. But that's OK, it's all good. It all leads to where you are now, and it makes you better and stronger. At the time, things seemed terrible. But I'm much stronger now than I was then."

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