By Evans Clinchy
March 22, 2012

It had been hours -- nay, days -- since we'd heard Joe Namath open his mouth and fire away, so this was long overdue: The former New York Jets quarterback is not a fan of bringing in the newest New York Jets quarterback. Namath wasn't on board with the Jets' trade yesterday for Tim Tebow.

"I think it stinks," Namath told USA Today.

Namath has long defended Jets starter Mark Sanchez as the team's franchise quarterback going forward, standing up for the much-scrutinized QB even when rumors surfaced of replacing him with Peyton Manning. Namath thought Sanchez's job was secure when the team signed Sanchez to a $40.5 million extension two weeks ago, but now the Tebow trade has thrown him for a loop.

"That's not a pat on the back. That's a slap in the face," Namath said. "If I were there, I'd be pissed off about it. Still go to work and try to make things work, but not be happy about it."

The Jets have said publicly that Sanchez will be their starter going forward, and Tebow is only a backup. Namath supports that decision, saying he still thinks the former USC Trojan has what it takes despite a disappointing 2011.

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