By Evans Clinchy
March 22, 2012

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has already come down hard on the New Orleans Saints for the bounty program they ran under Sean Payton and Gregg Williams. But the punishment might not end there -- the Associated Press reports that the U.S. Senate is getting involved as well.

Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois currently serving as the assistant Senate majority leader, told the AP that the Saints' bounty program transcended the game of football and should be investigated by the federal government.

"Let's be real basic about it here," Durbin said. "If this activity were taking place off of a sporting field, away from a court, nobody would have a second thought [about whether it's wrong]. 'You mean, someone paid you to go out and hurt someone?'

"It goes way beyond the rules of any sporting contest, at least team contest, to intentionally inflict harm on another person for a financial reward."

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