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Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Talks Saints' Penalties

Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank became one of the first NFC South owners to comment on the punishment for the Saints three-year bounty program, according to ESPN.  

"I think the league has handled it well and appropriately," Blank said. "One of the other owners made this point, but I told the commissioner I totally agree with him, the NFL, outside of our stadiums, the only things we really own are our reputation, our integrity, our shield and the relationship and trust we have with our fans and our sponsors. Anything that's done that violates that or hurts that, is something that has to be dealt with. My view is that everything the commissioner has stood for since 2006, which has to do with the shield, the trust, the fans and player safety, etc. really that goes completely in the opposite direction based on the New Orleans experience.”

Blank believes that the bounty program was wrong on every level, and took away from the foundation of the game.

"There's just not a place for that in the game," Blank said. "It's a tough game and you're supposed to be physical, etc. but there's a line there. It's not even a fine line. It's a bright line that you just can't cross."