By Evans Clinchy
March 27, 2012

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson struggled with injuries toward the end of last season, as elbow inflammation limited him to four appearances after Aug. 7. But he's on the road to recovery now, and he's feeling confident after a scoreless inning in a spring training game today against the Kansas City Royals.

"I feel good right now, so that's what matters," Wilson told "I'm ready to rock."

After nine days off, Wilson returned to the mound and was solid, striking out the first batter he faced and then retiring two more after giving up one single.

"Overall in spring training, I just want to get another check on the checklist as far as the people that are concerned with my health," Wilson said. "I know that I'll be starting the season healthy and finishing it healthy. But I understand that there's speculation, and today was just another positive check mark as far as throwing 15 pitches."

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