By Will Yoder
April 02, 2012

Boston Celtics swingman Mikael Pietrus is still suffering from a fall that happened last month against the Philadelphia 7634s. Head coach Doc Rivers told ESPN on Sunday that he is likely “going to be out a while.”

Rivers said that Pietrus suffered a Grade III concussion, and the timetable for his return is still uncertain. He could potentially be sidelined for the rest of the season.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he played next week (and) I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see him," Rivers said. "I just don't know. With that injury, I don't think anyone really knows now.”

"It's just great to see him. I don't think anybody has seen him since the injury. It will be great to have him in the locker room. He's texting me a lot now, which is great, and that's terrific that he's able to do that. Again, we haven't even started the (concussion) tests. He's going to be out a while."


Pietrus suffered the injury when he crashed hard to the floor March 23 during the second quarter of the Celtics' 99-86 loss in Philadelphia. He was immobilized and taken from the court on a stretcher where he was reportedly coughing up blood.

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