By Evan Hilbert
April 10, 2012

Legendary NFL quarterback Fran Tarkenton took to ESPN Radio in Chicago to discuss the New Orleans Saints bounty system, and he stated that he believed ex-Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams should be "prosecuted", according to Sports Radio Interviews.

"Gregg Williams should never be able to be in the NFL again. He has done this at Tennessee, he did it in Buffalo, he did it with the Washington Redskins, he’s done it here. I got a YouTube video of when Peyton Manning’s neck got hurt the first time because he had a bounty on him by Gregg Williams where someone hit him low and another guy hit him around the head and twisted his neck. It was unbelievable. That’s where it started. That would trickle throughout the league. That would trickle down to college, down to high school football. The American public should be outraged at this, and I know Roger Goodell is outraged because if this spreads, this sport is dead.


"He should be banned, forever. He ought to be convicted. He ought to go to prison. This is criminal behavior. I think the lawsuits that will come out of this will absolutely be staggering because if you’re Brett Favre, if you’re Kurt Warner, if you’re the tight end up there in San Francisco, Vernon Davis, if you’re Crabtree, if you’re Frank Gore, don’t you think their lawyers are talking to them today saying "we got a lawsuit here?’”

Tarkenton went on to say that he did not believe that the league is being "sissified", as others have suggested.

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