By Evans Clinchy
April 11, 2012

The Dallas Mavericks have given up on Lamar Odom contributing to a playoff run this season, and owner Mark Cuban isn't hiding that he's disappointed about it. Cuban told E! today that he has regrets about the $8.9 million he's shelling out to make Odom the fourth highes-paid Maverick this season.

"Did I get my money's worth?" Cuban said. "No. I don't know if the word's 'cheated,' but did I get my money's worth? No."

Odom, traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Mavs in December, has had a terrible season amid a myriad of off-court troubles. On the floor, he's averaged just 6.6 points and 4.2 rebounds in 20.5 minutes per game.

"Every player goes through ups and downs," Cuban said. "We try and put them in a position to succeed. You saw what we did -- it didn't work. And you know, I just asked him, Does he want to go forward or not, is he in or out? I think he thought we were playing poker."

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