By Evan Hilbert
April 13, 2012

Former NFL Pro Bowl defensive lineman Warren Sapp filed for bankruptcy last month, a decision he said had to be made to avoid jail time.

"Do you think I wanted to declare bankruptcy?'' Sapp told the Tampa Bay Times. "Do you think if there was any other way possible I would have done it? It was either this or go to jail. Those were my choices.''

Sapp, 39, declared for bankruptcy with $6.7 million worth of debt. He said that the entirety of his earnings from NFL Network were garnered for the past 11 months.

"You tell me what to do,'' Sapp told the paper. "Do you keep working without a check? If you don't pay your child support, you go to jail. This wasn't something I wanted to do. This was something I had to do.''

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