By Will Yoder
April 18, 2012

Former NHL player and current Phoenix Coyotes broadcaster, Tyson Nash says that he has received death threats after commenting on a questionable hit by Coyotes, Raffi Torres on Chicago Blackhawks Marian Hossa, according to ESPN.

Nash said that the hit which left Marian Hossa motionless on the ice was, "as clean of a hit as you're going to get," came after no penalty was called on a late hit from Torres to Hossa in the first period of Tuesday’s Game 3.

"I wish I didn't say what I said," Nash said. "You have to pick more of a middle ground. When you see Hossa lying there longer and longer, you say, 'Oh jeez, let's really take a closer look at this.' I thought he was going to get right back up. Obviously that wasn't the case."

Torres will face a hearing for the hit within the next 24 hours in person, which means that the penalty can potentially be longer than five games. If Torres decides to waive the in person hearing than he will be subject to a longer penalty.

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