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Report: Phoenix Coyotes Nearing Sale, Unlikely To Relocate

The NHL's Phoenix Coyotes could be nearing a sale -- and if it goes through, it's unlikely we'll see the franchise relocate anytime soon, according to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.

"Things are moving pretty quickly, and a lot of work is being done," said team president and COO Mike Nealy. "I wouldn't be shocked if we saw something next week. I wouldn't be panicked if it didn't happen, but I'm looking for the near term."

Nealy said that a deal is potentially close with Greg Jamison, a former executive for the San Jose Sharks. Rumors swirled today that a Jamison deal was all but done; it's not quite at that point yet, but things are progressing.

"I'm still in a situation where I believe it is going to happen," Nealy said. "A lot of this is in the hands of the NHL, of course, as the owner and they are working with the Jamison group."