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Jim Leyland Would Have Suspended Cole Hamels For 15 Games

Detroit Tigers skipper Jim Leyland believes the suspension on Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels is too light, according to

"I don't know the man," Leyland said of Hamels. "I know he's a very good pitcher, a very talented guy, but when you come out and admit [hitting Harper intentionally] like that -- that ball could have missed, hit him in the head or something else like that -- and you come out and admit that, I think five games is way too light, in my personal opinion. And I would expect that if that was my pitcher, if my pitcher went out and, almost in a braggadocios way, talked about hitting a guy and that, 'I did it on purpose.'

"I felt the way I read it, and I don't know if the kid meant it this way, but it was almost like a braggadocios thing. That's not enough. There's no way."

Leyland also said that he would have suspended Hamels for 15 games.

Hamels was levied a five game suspension yesterday after admitting to intentionally throwing at Washington Nationals rookie Bryce Harper on Sunday. Hamels claimed that he threw at the 19-year-old because he’s old school.