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Bill Romanowski Responds To Chris Carter's Bounty Claim

Bill Romanowski addressed retired wide receiver Chris Carter’s claims that the former Oakland Raiders linebacker had told him that he planned on taking him out, according to

"I've gotten threatened in every football game I have ever played in," Romanowski told ESPN Radio today, as transcribed by "And I've threatened (someone) in every football game I've ever played in."

"I probably went over the line five to 10 times," Romanowski admitted. "And five to 10 times we seemed to talk about those plays quite a bit. Would I love to have them back? Yes."

"Do you think if I was playing today that I would cross the line when that line of intensity determines whether you make a play, whether you have a job, whether you're getting paid? Whether you get to do what you love to do, whether you get to do what you were born to do?"

"Those kinds of actions that I did on the football field do not belong," Romanowski said. "I wish I could have them back, but I can't."

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