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Amaro: Phillies Could Become Sellers At Trade Deadline

Following a series loss to the Washington Nationals and a sweep by the New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro told CSN Philadelphia that if things don't turn around by summer, the defending National League East champions could become sellers.

“July is so far ahead,” Amaro said. “We just have to get on track. But if July comes and we’re playing like this, we’ll be sellers. How we play now will determine whether we’ll be buyers or sellers in July.”

Amaro lambasted his team for what he called "fundamentally unsound baseball."

"We’re better than what we’re showing. Amaro said. "How much better? I don’t know. But we’re better than this. Regardless of who is in or out of the lineup we should be better.

“With the exception of our starting pitching, all phases of the game have been shoddy.”