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Marlins’ Brett Hayes Saw Gunman Before Shooting In Florida

Miami Marlins catcher Brett Hayes was sitting in traffic on the Florida turnpike when he saw a man with a gun walk by, according to the Miami Herald. The man later shot two police officers before shooting himself.

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"It was pretty scary, to be honest with you," Hayes said.

“He and I made eye contact, and he looked like he was up to no good,” Hayes said. “Something was very wrong. I just had a very bad feeling. My wife and I were in shock. I told her ‘Do not look at him.’ He was walking like he was walking down the street. It was really creepy. but his was pretty scary to be honest with you.”

After the man passed the car, Hayes said he saw a law enforcement officer wearing a bulletproof vest walk by with a gun drawn; after traffic began moving, Hayes turned on the radio and heard two officers were shot, according to the Herald.

“My wife and I said a big, long prayer for them,” Hayes said. “We heard later that they were going to be all right. What a blessing.”