By Scooby Axson
May 24, 2012

Former MLB player David Segui can be called to testify in the Clemens steroids trial. (Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

Former Major League player David Segui can be called to testify about conversations he had with Roger Clemens' former trainer, a judge in the perjury case ruled late Thursday.

Clemens is being accused of lying to Congress when he testified he has never used performance-enhancing drugs.

Segui, who played for eight teams before retiring in 2004, is being sought regarding a conversation with former Clemens trainer Brian McNamee says he had with Segui about saving "darts" or needles from injections he gave players.

Procecutors also hope a client of McNamee's, Anthony Corso, can help refute defense allegations that McNamee lied about evidence he had against Clemens to avoid his own prosecution after federal authorities talked with him in 2007.

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