By Scooby Axson
June 01, 2012

Jets LB Bart Scott doesn't want his son following in his footsteps. (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott is at it again. Last week, he told reporters that he didn't want his son to follow in his footsteps playing professional football. Today, he repeated those comments and added in some comic relief as well.

Scott had some choice words for those who are arm-chair quarterbacks.

"People are idiots," Scott told's Jane McManus. "They say what they want to say. Half the people on there talking all that crap wasn't even capable of playing football. Couldn't scrap their way out of a box."

Scott, who is entering his 11th year in the NFL, has 22.5 career sacks.

Scott, 31, also said he wants he son to do better things than him.

"Why can't I want my kids to be president? Or a CEO? Or own a football team? Should want the best for your kids."

The computer industry is a possibility for his son as well.

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