Report: NFL "Safe Rides' program disbanded after union takeover

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Justin Blackmon didn't have the advantage of the NFL's "Safe Rides" program (Rick Dole, Getty Images)

Justin Blackmon

Justin Blackmon's recent arrest for driving under the influence may be inexcusable, but it wasn't that long ago that the NFL provided a possible solution, according to a report from CBS Sports' Mike Freeman.

In the report, Freeman details the rise and fall of the NFL's "Safe Rides" program, which essentially provided a free, anonymous car service for NFL players late at night. The program was taken over by the NFL Players' Association in 2009, amid concerns teams could use it to spy on players' extra-cirricular activities. Before long, the program was scratched entirely.

Besides Blackmon, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley and Minnesota Viking fullback Jerome Felton have been arrested for DUIs in the past few weeks.