Report: Kevin Garnett could attract interest from Spurs in free agency

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Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan in the same uniform is a possibility, according to a report. (D. Clarke Evans/Getty Images)


Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan together in the same frontcourt?

The San Antonio Spurs could have some interest in making the tandem a reality, Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express-News reported Sunday. From Harvey's report:

The Spurs will consider everything and everyone this summer when free agency begins. But one option tossed out this weekend by one in the Spurs organization is not just another name.

Kevin Garnett.

The Spurs and Boston Celtics just lost in their respective conference finals. Both Duncan and Garnett — aging but still capable of, at least at times, playing like All-Star forwards — will hit the free-agent market this summer.

No one expects Duncan to do anything but quickly re-sign with the Spurs. And Garnett's Celtics teammate Paul Pierce expressed hope that Garnett would do the same and re-sign with the Celtics this offseason after their team fell to the Miami Heat in seven games.

"It’d be great to end my career with Kevin. I have a couple years left and, who knows what his future’s going to bring – management can do something to bring him back and get us the pieces we need to get over the top. If not, it’s been a tremendous run.’’

The pairing would be an interesting one, considering the fact that Garnett and Duncan have never quite gotten along during their times as NBA players. SI's Chris Ballard took a look at their relationship back in May in a Duncan feature:

In fact, Duncan hates Kevin Garnett. Hates him the way liberals hate Sean Hannity. This information comes from very reliable sources, who talk about how KG has made a career of trying to punk Duncan, baiting him and slapping him and whispering really weird smack into his ear. Asked if perhaps all those years battling Garnett have softened his feelings for the man, led to a Magic-Larry type of kinship, Duncan leans back on the couch in his hotel room and grins. There is a pause. A longer pause. Finally he says, "Define kinship."