Plaxico Burress on playing for Panthers: "Can’t come across a better situation"

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Plaxico Burress, currently a free agent, expressed interest in signing with the Carolina Panthers. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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Plaxico Burress said in an interview with WFNZ in Charlotte on Tuesday that it would be an ideal situation for him to play for the Carolina Panthers, according to CBS Charlotte:

“No doubt about it. My brother lives right there in Charlotte, my cousin lives there in Charlotte and all my family is there in Columbia, South Carolina,” Burress said. “It would just be a great situation all the way around and being close to everybody. Not just that but playing with Cam (Newton) who I think is one of the top five quarterbacks in all of football and as long as I can remember Steve Smith has been one of my favorites. I just think it’s a great situation.”

Burress is currently a free agent after signing a one-year contract for a reported $3.017 million last season with the New York Jets. When asked during the interview why he hasn't received more interest from teams, the wide-receiver said it's not about not garnering interest, it's about finding the right fit for him:

“The interest has been there but it’s just getting to the right fit,” Burress said. “I’ve been around and I understand the game from a mental standpoint, I’m very knowledgeable about the guys out there that are playing. I know what they do well and what they don’t do well and I just want to put myself in a position to go out and have success and to go out and make guys around me better. [I]’m going to be better than that this year. Teams haven’t seen me, what kind of shape I’m in, haven’t seen me work out and all I keep doing is going and going, I have my legs back and everybody is going to be in for a pleasant surprise when I hit the football field this year.”

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