Jacksonville Jaguars to help make push to bring NCAA Championship to town

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If Jacksonville hosts an NCAA Football Championship, the city hopes fans won't have to stay on cruise ships because of the lack of hotel space. (Bryan Bahr/Getty Images)


Jacksonville hosts the Gator Bowl, has hosted ACC title game, the Florida-Georgia game, and a Super Bowl.

With the NFL's Jaguars help, the city is making a serious push to host the NCAA Football Championship. According to The Florida-Times Union, the team will enter a public-private partnership to try to bring the game to town.

Conference commissioners recently announced plans to scrap the unpopular Bowl Championship Series in favor of a four-team playoff aimed at crowning a true national champion in college football.

“We’re ready to do whatever we can to help the city in this effort,” Jaguars CFO Bill Prescott said. “This is a win-win for everyone involved if Jacksonville can get this game.”

The issue with Jacksonville when the Super Bowl came to town in 2005 was the lack of hotel space in the area and cruise ships were used to make sure there was enough room to accommodate fans.

“We’d be doing the people of Jacksonville a disservice if we didn’t go after this game aggressively,” Jacksonville Sports and Entertainment chairman Alan Verlander said. “This game can be like a Super Bowl. It can be a rallying-point event, a transformative event that can change a city and a community.”