New York Jets cut ticket prices despite Tim Tebow's arrival

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Jets fans will see a decrease in ticket prices for next season. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

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The New York Jets confirmed that they will cut ticket prices for next season despite landing Tim Tebow, one of the most marketable players in sports.

Some of the seats will cost 50-percent less than last season, according to the report from Ebenezer Samuel of The New York Daily News:

The last seven rows of four sections of sideline seats fall from $105 per game to $50 or $75, depending on the row. Seats in the corners and the end zones — formerly priced at $95 — drop to $75 in six rows and $50 in the last seven rows.

“After we looked at the 300 level, we decided to adjust the price to improve the value for fans, especially season-ticket holders,” team president Neil Glat said in a statement posted to the team's website in which he called season ticket holders "the lifeblood of the stadium experience."