Deron Williams receives pitch from Mavs' Delonte West via Twitter

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Delonte West publicly campaigned for Deron Williams to sign with the Dallas Mavericks by taking to Twitter and pitching Williams different selling points. (Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images)

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Deron Williams, who is set to become a free agent July 1 after playing for the Nets last season, received a pitch via Twitter from Mavericks guard Delonte West to come to Dallas and team up with Dirk Nowitzki next season.

Among his many sells were the opportunities to play for the "best owner in all sports," "win the Western Conference no problem," play for a "real coach that UNDERSTANDS...real dude like urself," and last but not least, play with Nowitzki, "the best playa u ever played with."

West said he knows Brooklyn "has a lil more money over der," but in Dallas, where Williams grew up, West said he would have "fam support here."

Williams, who is rumored to be choosing between staying with the Nets for their inaugural season in Brooklyn or signing with the Mavs, made $16.3 million last season for the Nets.

He would likely make less money if he signed with the Mavs, who owe over $43 million to their franchise player Nowitzki over the next two seasons and another $18 million to Shawn Marion over the next two seasons. Dallas is also looking to re-sign Jason Terry and Jason Kidd, who accounted for more than $20 million last season.

West, meanwhile, is a free agent who made $1 million last season. It's unclear whether the Mavericks plan to re-sign him.

Williams tweeted on Thursday afternoon that he spent the day at an East Hampton golf club with Kidd, adding "let the speculation begin?????"