By Bill Carey
June 29, 2012

Washington Redskins TE is representing himself in a lawsuit. (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis is representing himself in court in a lawsuit in which he is accused on throwing juice on a woman who is allegedly a pimp, according to the Washingtonian.

Davis' lawsuit is with a woman named Makini R. Chaka, who says she is a "celebrity broker." Davis' bodyguard Stewart Prince says Chaka is a "madam/pimpette" who carries a "pimp cup." Chaka is also representing herself.

The suit stems from an incident in January 2011, when Chaka alleges Davis poured juice on her and busted her lip at a nightclub. Chaka is suing for a permanent order to keep Davis away from her. Chaka claims that Davis has used his celebrity to keep her out of nightclubs where she arranges events, alleging that Davis pretended to be wide receiver Santana Moss in one such instance.

Davis says her claims are made up and being used as a way to extort money from him.

The two sides has exchanged serious allegations, including that Davis had violated a temporary restraining order against him. (The judge ruled that he had not).

The exchanges between the two in court have not always stayed professional, though. You can see the full court transcripts via the Washingtonian.

In one exchange, Chaka denies she is after Davis' money, using the fact that she has worked with running back Willis McGahee as evidence.

“I work a lot with Mr. McGahee [formerly of] the Ravens,” Chaka said at a February 2011 hearing. McGahee “happens to be a first-round draft pick. He makes over $40 million . . . yet you’re saying that I want to get Mr. Davis for money and he’s a second-round draft pick, and his, he doesn’t even gross anywhere close to Willis."

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