By jonathanjones9
July 02, 2012

The United States basketball team has taken yet another hit to its stable of big men.

According to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski, New Orleans Hornets forward Anthony Davis will likely not be able to participate this summer in the London games.


The news comes just four days after the Hornets drafted Davis from the University of Kentucky with the No. 1 selection. It also serves as yet another blow to Team USA's post presence.

Last week, Chris Bosh said he would not be available for the team in order to rest his abdominal strain suffered in the playoffs. The U.S. will also be without LaMarcus Aldridge and Dwight Howard. That leaves Tyson Chandler, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin and Lamar Odom as the only players 6-foot-10 or taller on head coach Mike Krzyzewski's list of finalists for the team.

Moments after seeing the report,'s Sam Amick tweeted Team USA chairman Jerry Colangelo didn't have much information on Davis at the time of the report.

"Just getting a report that his ankle is serious doesn't mean anything to me until we get an official doctor's report on what that means. Does it mean he can't practice for a week? Does it mean he's out for a month? You know what I'm saying. I don't like to speculate."

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