Replay added one second to NFL games last season

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Fans should get used to this image when instant replay is concerned in the NFL. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)


While instant replay was added in the NFL in 1999, it was installed to make sure the officials got calls right, but the major worry was that it would slow the game down. According to Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay, replay is moving along just fine.

Games last season lasted two hours and five minutes, a second faster than in 2010.

“We were fearful going in about how we could pull it off,’’ said McKay, who is also the NFL's competition committee chairman. “I give the league a lot of credit for pulling it off the right way.’’

While college football has a replay official in the booth who makes the final decision on calls, the NFL uses a referee in those instances. Don't expect that in the NFL anytime soon.

“The biggest question over time is, are we ever going to move all decisions upstairs?’’ McKay said. “College football feels very comfortable with their decision upstairs. But I don’t see that in our near future.’’