Freeh Report: Sandusky wanted a youth football camp as part of retirement

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Along with a $20,000 yearly annuity and a one-time lump sum payment of $168,000, Jerry Sandusky wanted to run a middle school youth football camp tied into Penn State football as part of his retirement.

According to the Freeh Report, the request came amid an investigation into an allegation that Sandusky had inappropriate contact with a young boy in a shower in May of 1998. Ultimately, that investigation yielded no charges for Sandusky.

Sandusky, who had put in nearly three decades as an assistant football coach at Penn State, knew that he would not become the next head coach and asked to have an "active involvement in developing an outreach program featuring Penn State athletes."

The Freeh Report also includes a handwritten note, apparently written by former head coach Joe Paterno, that states: "Volunteer Position Director - Positive Action for Youth."

Sandusky was also granted an emeritus title from Penn State. Though his titles were not eligible for emeritus rank, he was granted the title anyway upon the apparent request of then-vice president Gary Schultz's office.