By Scooby Axson
July 20, 2012

MSG stock is down 8.5 percent since the Knicks refused to match the Rockets offer sheet for Jeremy Lin. (Bill Baptist/NBA/Getty Images)

Chalk it up to bad luck or bad decision making, but the folks at Madison Square Garden and those who invest in that company can't like what's been going on the past couple of days.

MSG's stock has lost over $100 million in the past five days, reports CBS

Speculation could be that investors are upset over point guard Jeremy Lin signing with the Houston Rockets when the New York Knicks had every opportunity to re-sign him.

When Lin made his first start on February 6, MSG stocks were at $29.49.  Two weeks ago, the stock was sitting pretty at $38.80, a 30 percent jump, when many in the Knicks organization, including head coach Mike Woodson thought the Knicks would match the Rockets offer sheet for Lin.

The shares have now dropped to $35.50, an 8.5 percent fall.

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