By Bill Carey
July 24, 2012

Rangers president Nolan Ryan thinks Josh Hamilton's struggles come from not being selective enough at the plate. (Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

After a scorching hot start, Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has been in a slump for nearly two months.

Team president Nolan Ryan said Tuesday on 103.3 KESN-FM that Hamilton's lack of patience at the plate isn't helping his struggles.

"I think we’re all seeing the same thing," Ryan said, via The Dallas Morning News. "You’re right that some of his at-bats aren’t very impressive from the standpoint that he doesn’t work deep into the count. He’s swinging at a lot of bad pitches. He just doesn’t seem to be locked in at all.

"So what you’re hoping is that his approach will change, and he’ll start giving quality at-bats because there’s a lot of those at-bats that he just gives away. One of the things I’ve always commented on is I can’t ever say that I ever saw Henry Aaron give an at-bat away."

At the end of May, Hamilton had 21 home runs and an on-base percentage of .420. But since then, he has hit only seven more home runs, and his OBP is only .238.

"I just don’t know where Josh is," Ryan said. "Sometimes hitters just get out of sync and it takes them awhile to get their rhythm back and get their swing back. Right now, you can’t say, 'Well, it looks like something with his swing.' He’s just not being selective and dug himself a hole that he needs to get out of."

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