By Alexander Abnos
July 29, 2012

Patrick Ewing Patrick Ewing is confident in the Dream Team's hypothetical chances against today's squad. (Fernando Medina, Getty Images)

The United States' Men's Basketball Team is off to a solid start at the 2012 Olympic games. After a string of exhibition victories, the team opened its campaign at the games today with a 98-71 victory over France.

However, '92 Dream Teamer Patrick Ewing isn't getting too carried away with the team's recent results. Speaking with NBATV yesterday (relayed by FOX Sports' Chris Tomasson), Ewing said that while he doesn't think the Dream Team would embarrass today's squad, there is still little doubt as to which team is better.

“They’re a lot smaller than we were,’’ Ewing, one of 11 Hall of Famers on that Dream Team, said. “(The current team is) kind of light in the middle. Myself and David Robinson, we would have had a field day… I’m not saying we would have creamed them. Best out of 10, I’d say we’d have beaten them 10 out of 10.’’

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