Ejected NFL fans required to take course for re-entry to stadiums

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Any NFL fan that gets kicked out of a stadium will be required to take a course to be able to go to the stadium again. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)


The NFL is taking a serious stand against fans who don't behave in their stadiums.  Any fan that gets kicked out of the stadium will be required to take a four-hour online course before they are permitted to come back to the stadium again, reports ESPN.com.

"For decades, some fans have believed that when they put on the jersey of their favorite player on their favorite team and they enter a stadium, they can behave any way they want," course designer and psychotherapist Dr. Ari Novick said. "This program was designed to say to people, 'We want you to have fun when you come to a game, but you have to understand that your actions can affect people and there are rules to abide by."

Fans will also have to pay for the course.  The Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons charge $50 for the course, and the New England Patriots charge the most, a reported $100.