Dallas Cowboys impose strict off-field rules for Dez Bryant

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Dez Bryant has agreed to the Dallas Cowboys' strict list of rules. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


The Dallas Cowboys moved up in the 2010 NFL Draft to take a chance on Dez Bryant, fully knowing the talented receiver came with off-field baggage that included questions of maturity. While Bryant hasn't exactly caught fire on the field, he has consistently given the Cowboys reasons to worry off the field.

As a result, ESPN Dallas reports Bryant has agreed to strict guidelines from team officials regarding his conduct away from the field.

Sources say some of the rules Bryant must follow include:

• A midnight curfew. If he's going to miss curfew, team officials must know in advance;

• No drinking alcohol.

• He can't attend any strip clubs and can only attend nightclubs if they are approved by the team and he has a security team with him.

• He must attend counseling sessions twice a week.

• A rotating three-man security team will leave one man with Bryant at all times.

• Members of the security team will drive Bryant to practices, games and team functions.

Bryant agreed to the rules on Aug. 23 when the Cowboys returned to Dallas after three weeks of training camp in California, according to sources.

Bryant's latest run-in with the law occurred on July 14 incident when he was charged with allegedly assaulting his mother, Angela Bryant. Bryant was charged with a Class A misdemeanor by the DeSoto Police Department. Bryant's mother later dropped her charges.

In January, Bryant was detained and questioned following a fight with rapper Lil' Wayne and his entourage at a South Beach night club.

In 2011, Bryant was named in two lawsuits for non-payment of more than $500,000 in custom jewelry and professional sports tickets. He later settled those lawsuits.

That same year he was ejected from a high-tone Dallas mall for wearing droopy pants.

Owner Jerry Jones, who has a history of taking chances on troubled players, said he intentionally delayed speaking with Bryant following his arrest because he was so angry.

"The reason I hadn't talked to him is because I'm so p---ed that I'm not ready to talk to him," he said. "When I get all my stuff together, I'll talk to him." Jones went on to challenge Bryant to improve on and off the field in his third NFL season.