Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie: "An 8-8 record would not be good enough for Andy Reid to return"

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Eagles coach Andy Reid won't have a job if his team underperforms like they did last season. (Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)


Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie spoke on Thursday about the state of his team and what he expected from his talented, though underachieving squad and coach Andy Reid.

"An 8-8 record would not be good enough for Andy Reid to return. This team has all the ingredients to get to the Super Bowl," Lurie said, according to Philly.com. "But it takes one bad game to end it. I expect a substantially improved team."

Reid is entering his 14th season as the Eagles coach and has only had a .500 record or below on four times. Lurie said that he expectations where the same as last offseason and feels that his team is better than its record last season.

Lurie, who is divorcing his wife, said there is no change about who is in control of the Eagles and that he has complete control on all final decisions.