Tom Coughlin, Greg Schiano argue after Giants-Buccaneers game

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Tom Coughlin didn't take kindly to the Bucs' roughing up Eli Manning (Rich Schultz, Getty Images)

Tom Coughlin

The New York Giants defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a 41-34 thriller Sunday afternoon, but that didn't mean Giants coach Tom Coughlin wasn't too happy at the end of the 4th quarter. As video from shows, he had some words to share with Bucs coach Greg Schiano.

The disagreement stems from two events at the end of the game. The first came when referees overturned a big play from the Bucs, which was followed by a Josh Freeman interception. When Giants quarterback Eli Manning downed the ball with 5 seconds left to end the game, Buccaneers defenders knocked him over. The result: more bad blood between coaches one year after the Harbaugh-Schwartz fiasco.

UPDATE: A tweet from USA Today's Mike Garofolo gives some insight into why the Bucs knocked down Manning: