Louisiana football has a female fullback

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A junior at Northwest High School in Opelousas, La. entered the game as a fullback for the Raiders on Sept. 14 and helped the team to a 49-0 win in the season opener. And her name is Brittany Lindon.

The 5"4' 190-pound fullback joined the team this season after a number of the Raiders suggested that she try out, according to The Advertiser. 

Head coach Darnell Lee had initially recommended that she try out for kicker but she remained steadfast in her dream to play fullback:

"I really tried to talk her out of playing fullback and to just kick for us," Lee said. "But she told me, 'No, I want to run with the football.' I was just like OK."

Lindon said she knew that Lee made this suggestion to go out for kicker for the Raiders because he feared that she would be hurt playing virtually any other position. She said she knew she had to convince the coach to give her a shot:

"I tried kicking and I just wasn't feeling it. I told him that I wanted to be the team's fullback and he said 'no.' He was really worried about me getting hurt, but I told him to just give me a try there and he did."

Lindon said that when she entered the game for what would become her first play of organized football, her heart began beating "very fast." Lee took her out of the game after a few minutes because he knew the padding protection would only do so much. But, she did have a few plays run for her and recorded a couple of yards in her first game:

"I'm watching the quarterback and the entire time I'm thinking to myself, 'How am I going to do this?' Then I said, 'Come on Brittany, you can do this.'"