Brett Favre on bounty scandal allegations: 'It's just hearsay'

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Retired quarterback Brett Favre says the bounty allegations are just hearsay. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)


Even though he was the player the NFL said the New Orleans Saints targeted during the so-called bounty scandal, retired quarterback Brett Favre doesn't believe there was a bounty put on his head, calling the allegations, "hearsay", reports

"In all honesty, I'm pretty indifferent. But I'd have to say when they were allowed to play, I thought that was the right move because I don't see enough evidence," Favre said. "I don't think 'Some guy said that this went on' is enough evidence.

The NFL said that Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma offered $10,o00 to any player that would knock Favre, then with the Minnesota Vikings, out for 2010 NFC Championship Game.  Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams stated in a sworn statement that Vilma did in fact offer money. The Saints would beat the Vikings and go on to win the Super Bowl.

"I don't know Jonathan [Vilma] all that well. I think he's a great player," Favre said. "Seems like a great leader. Seems like the guys who have played with him have a lot of respect for him and Scott Fujita. The other guys, I really don't know. I felt like that's the right thing to do. Otherwise, I think it's just hearsay.”