By Tim Polzer
October 01, 2012

The Raptors reportedly will try to trade Jose Calderon. (Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

Jose Calderon has been the target of trade speculation since the Toronto Raptors traded for point guard Kyle Lowry this offseason. Calderon has even reportedly worked with the Raptors to find a team with enough cap space to absorb his $10.6 million 2012-13 salary.

Calderon told (translated version via HoopsHype) the Raptors told him he is still a candidate to be traded.

“It’s true that they have said that I’m an important player for them this season, because they have thought of me like that from the beginning. However, Bryan (Colangelo, Raptors GM) has said that I’m a candidate to be traded because I have a big contract and it’s my last year. They have talked about this more than anything else.”

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