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Report: Witness believes USC's Robert Woods failed concussion test

Last week's USC comeback win over Utah included a scary moment when receiver Robert Woods appeared to have suffered a head injury, falling face first into the turf following a punt return.

Attended by an army of USC trainers and doctors, Woods reportedly passed the sideline concussion test and was sent back into the game after missing only one play. Bill Plaschke of The Los Angeles Times wrote on the chance that Woods did suffer a concussion.

Woods passed the test — actually laughed through it — and was sent back on the field after missing just one play. However, nobody was laughing when he immediately turned inside on a pass that Matt Barkley threw to the outside.

Woods eventually settled down enough to catch a six-yard touchdown pass from Barkley that gave USC the lead late in the first half. But in this age of concussion enlightenment, I spent the rest of the game scared for him.

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This afternoon, Utah Insider Brian Smith mentioned, via Twitter, that he witnessed Woods fail the concussion test. Scott Enyeart of SB Nation replied that Woods confirmed the sideline test and subsequent tests.

Woods said he got "jacked up" and was "kinda like gone," but that he's passed subsequent concussion tests in this video: