By Tim Polzer
October 18, 2012

Vanderbilt cancelled 2013 game at Ohio State via mail. (Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith isn't happy with how he was notified of Vanderbilt's decision to back out of their season-opener scheduled for Aug. 31, 2013, according to The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Smith said Vanderbilt sent Ohio State a form letter announcing its plans with less than 11 months notice.

"Very disappointed that it happened this way," Smith said, adding that Northwestern was displeased with how Vanderbilt backed out of its planned two-game series with the Wildcats in 2013 and 2014. "We have 11 months, and we didn't get a phone call, we just got a letter. So I'm very disappointed in that.

"I would have preferred a phone call as opposed to a form letter, but that's just the way it is."

Smith said Vanderbilt did not have to pay a penalty for backing out of the single game at Columbus.

The Buckeyes are left scrambling to find an opponent to fill the date. Ohio State was expecting to pay Vanderbilt about $1 million, but Smith anticipates having to pay more to fill a game less than a year in advance.

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