By Marc Weinreich
November 06, 2012

Tagg Romney was once a Dodgers executive before leaving the team to help his father's bid for presidency. (Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images)

With his father readying for tonight's presidential election, Tagg Romney, son of Mitt, emerges in greater detail as a former Los Angeles Dodgers executive who was reportedly seen by insiders as a "very nice guy who was just in way over his head," according to a Nov. 5 report from Steve Dilbeck of The Los Angeles Times:

His one claim to previous sports marketing was at Reebok, where he was something called vice president for on-field marketing. One Dodgers official said they later learned his primary responsibility was to watch NFL and NBA games, counting how many times Reebok was mentioned or its logo caught on camera.

His actual job description read that he was responsible for "the strategic planning and implementation of all advertising, marketing, broadcasting and branding initiatives including in-game entertainment for the Dodgers."

As described by insiders, Dilbeck reports that the then-35-year-old Romney, "a vacuous-eyed, transparent political appointment" had no previous experience working in baseball or for a team in any other sport when he landed the position in 2005. He left the post less than a year later, opting instead to join his father's campaign for presidency.


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