By Tim Polzer
November 16, 2012

Sean Payton was a Dallas Cowboys assistant coach and offensive coordinator from 2003-2006. (Icon SMI)

A potential offer from the Dallas Cowboys seems to be the only serious threat to Sean Payton continuing to coach with the New Orleans Saints, according to Mike Triplett of The New Orleans Times-Picayune.

There is no indication that Payton is unhappy in New Orleans or looking to leave the Saints. But the fact that Payton's children live in Dallas would be a major factor if he winds up having a choice to make between the two teams - in addition to his high esteem for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the aura of the Cowboys' franchise, among other factors.

The Saints are unlikely to push Payton to either sign a new deal or honor his previous agreement that was signed but rejected by the NFL.

If Payton wanted to make a move for family reasons, the Saints likely wouldn't want to force him to stay against his will. So the best thing that could happen to the Saints would be the Cowboys making a playoff run this year and deciding to keep current head coach Jason Garrett.

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