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FC Baku hires 21-year-old whose only experience is simulated Football Manager game

FC Baku manager Vugar Guloglan oglu Huseynzade claims his only management experience is playing Football Manager. (FC Baku)


A 21-year-old man who played the soccer management simulator game Football Manager for 10 years was hired to a real manager job.

Vugar Guloglan oglu Huseynzade was confirmed as manager of FC Baku on Wedneday, after the club, based in Baku, Azerbaijan and a member of the Azerbaijan Premier League, fired former Olympiacos defender Bozidar Bandovic.

Huseynzade, who worked his way up as a behind-the-scenes advisor earlier this year, told a Swedish newspaper that he in fact, had no real managerial experience other than 10 years of playing the computer simulation Football Manager.

‘I've always wanted to work in football and have played Football Manager since 2002,’ said Huseynzade.