By Scooby Axson
November 26, 2012

The NHL and NHLPA agreed to meet with a mediator in attempts to end the lockout. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The National Hockey League and the NHL Players' Association have agreed to meet with a mediator to try to resolve the lockout, reports

"While we have no particular level of expectation going into this process, we welcome a new approach in trying to reach a resolution of the ongoing labor dispute at the earliest possible date," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in a statement. "We have no further comment on the upcoming meetings at the current time."

The league has already canceled the NHL All-Star Weekend, the Winter Classic, plus all games through Dec. 14. The two sides have not met since Wednesday when the players association's latest proposal was rejected.

"At the invitation of the FMCS, and with the agreement of both parties, the ongoing negotiations will now be conducted under our auspices," Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service director George Cohen said in a statement. "I have assigned deputy director Scot L. Beckenbaugh, director of mediation services John Sweeney, and commissioner Guy Serota to serve as the mediators.''

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