NFL official Troy Vincent criticizes Eagles for lack of hustle

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VP of NFL Player Development and former Eagles defensive back Troy Vincent ripped the team for lack of hustle and poor leadership. (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Troy Vincent

Troy Vincent, the NFL's VP of Player Development, ripped the Eagles for a lack of hustle and leadership in an interview with USA Today. He made the comments before the team's 30-22 loss to the Panthers on Monday night.

"I see it from afar. I see a lack of leadership when you see things happening on the sideline. It's a want, a will, a desire. You have to hold each other accountable in the locker room.

"I was asked a question about someone's hustle," Vincent said. "Why are we talking about a professional not hustling? We need all 11 to the ball. Those are the things that leadership and personal accountability bring."

Although Vincent serves as a league official, he also was a defensive back for the Eagles for eight years (1996-2003) and was inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame on Monday night.

"I'm a former player, but I'm passionate about the Green. I want to see the franchise do well," he said. "It's not a good time. People are booing, wearing bags over their heads. They (fans) knocked my mailbox down in Bucks County."

Vincent was careful not to place blame on coach Andy Reid, and focused his criticisms on the players.

"Some of those things aren't Andy's responsibility. They're about the 53 guys in that locker room."