Andrew Bynum: Kobe Bryant stunted my growth with Lakers

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Andrew Bynum claimed Kobe Bryant stunted his growth on the Lakers. (Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images)

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum spent seven seasons playing with Kobe Bryant on the Los Angeles Lakers. The at-times dynamic duo produced watershed moments for the organization — two championships stand out among the best. But by the end of their time together, Bynum felt that Bryant had "stunted" his growth as an individual player.

"Later, I thought I was able to get the ball more and do more things with the ball, so I could definitely see how at the end it could stunt growth," Bynum told reporters in Philadelphia on Sunday, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Bynum did earn his first All-Star recognition last season, averaging 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game. Statistically, it was his best season of the seven in Los Angeles.

Bynum was traded to Philadelphia as part of a four-team trade that netted the Lakers center Dwight Howard. Bynum has yet to play for the 76ers this season while battling recurring knee issues.

In his chat with reporters, Bynum criticized the current state of the Lakers offense, saying they needed to "slow down and post the ball." He also said he had no regrets about being traded, saying it "didn't really matter" where he plays, as long as he gets to play.

"I don’t regret anything. Personally, I think they traded No. 1 for No. 2 — and that’s what happened," Bynum said.