Pat Shurmur defends decisions after criticism on play-calling against Broncos

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Browns coach Pat Shurmur defended the pass plays called at the end of a 34-12 loss to the Broncos. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Pat Shurmur

Browns coach Pat Shurmur staunchly defended his decisions during the team's 34-12 loss to the Broncos on Sunday, according to the News-Herald.

With his team down by 22 points with 1:55 to play in the fourth quarter, Shurmur had quarterback Colt McCoy loading up from the shotgun. He was sacked on first down. Then, at third-and-13 on a pass intended for Josh Cooper, McCoy fell on rookie running back Trent Richardson. Richardson had X-rays done and left the locker room wearing a walking boot.

In response to criticism during a news conference on Monday, Shurmur said:

"So you just run the ball and get out of there, warm up the buses? …. We’re trying to do what we can to move the football. At that time, it was a three-score game. So typically that means throw it.

Nobody wants to be hurt in a game like that. But I think it’s important to try to do what we have to do to win the game. What are we going to do, stop playing? You know what I’m saying? You could run the ball, but then your running backs get hurt as well."