NCAA announces changes to 'streamline' Division I rulebook

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The NCAA Board of Directors adopted a set of proposals on Saturday that will "streamline" the Division I rulebook. The changes stem from an August 2011 summit for D-I presidents and chancellors called by NCAA president Mark Emmert to address the issues facing intercollegiate athletics.

The Board voted to both add and eliminate rules, as well as deregulate areas such as amateurism, recruiting and eligibility. Changes include "enhanced academic eligibility standards for incoming freshmen and student-athletes who transfer from two-year colleges, the creation of a tie between a team’s academic performance and participation in NCAA championships, a revamped enforcement and Committee on Infractions process, and a multiyear scholarship model."

The big-ticket rule changes focus on recruiting practices, according to USA Today's Dan Wolken. posted a full list of the changes, including quotes from Emmert.

“These new rules represent noteworthy progress toward what can only be described as more common sense rules that allow schools more discretion in decision-making,” Emmert said. “This vote by the Board of Directors refocuses our attention on the things that really matter, the core values of intercollegiate athletics.”