By Scooby Axson
January 23, 2013

The “Group of Five” college football conferences want to finalize a system that will distribute money rewarding the best team and best conference, reports

The three-tier playoff revenue distribution system would divide the money based on the best overall performance. It is proposed that the conferences would split roughly $86 million. A framework for payout amounts and criteria for judging the best conference could be complete by next month.

The "Group of Five" conferences that will be put in place for the college football playoff that is set to begin in 2014 are the Big East, Mountain West, Mid-American Conference, Conference USA and Sun Belt.

The second tier pays out based on a conference's body of work – the top conference gets the highest amount, then “X” amount for the next-rated conference, and on down. The third tier pays a kicker to the conference with the highest-ranked team, which is guaranteed an access bowl bid or, if among the top-four teams in the country, a semifinal berth in the playoff.

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